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Aqua is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, born in Riverside, CA. July 17, 2011.When he was a puppy, he frequently jumped into his water bowl, and hung out in it like a person in a hot tub. That's how he was named "AQUA". However, he learned that he actually dislikes to get wet. After he turned 5.5 y/o, he sort of, started to allow "water" to touch his feet, but not from the belly to top. He has a special hashtag on Instagram called #NoAquaForAqua to show how he dislikes it.
He is a hard working man who plays fetch for hours, swallows treats, alerting wrestling dogs at the park to calm down, barks and barks, rolls in the grass and/or carpets, knows over 40 commands, and wiggles his butt every time he walks.

Aqua's been sharing his silliness, derpiness and happiness through his Instagram account for almost 7 years now. He has had his merch selling on REDBUBBLE and ZAZZLE (Both are still on going! Designs are almost the same, but each website has slightly different products!) since 2013, but they were almost inactive for a long time. Aqua decided to improve his brand, so he can share more Corgi smiles with Corgi lovers out there.

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[Aqua's Manager + Translator + Photographer + Contents Creator + Mom]
Kay basically does what Aqua wants, and that is her passion.  
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